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Manufacturing for many fine jewelry brands from Russia, America, Italy, Germany, France, Spain for more than 10 years. All the products listed in the shop are guided by the same criteria as those sold in exquisite European jewelry stores. Our factory sources from all around the world for beautiful gems, together with talented designers and skillful craftsmanship, creates collections of affordable designer jewelry with quality gems. You deserve to have something good and our shop is where you can find the goods.
If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us and we will make it right. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


All our gems are colorless (DEF) and are almost perfect on the 4Cs scale. Our moissanite cannot be distinguished from diamonds with the naked eye. IceMoissanite has 2.4 times more fire and 10% more brilliance and luster than diamonds. With a Mohs Scale hardness of 9.25, our moissanite is harder than emeralds, rubies, and sapphires and second only to diamonds. Our Moissanite is highly resistant to scratching, abrasion, breaking, and chipping.


Brilliance is the term used to describe the light return of a gemstone. It is the foundation of Moissanite's unparalleled brightness and sparkle. As light hits the gem's surface, a part of it enters the stone, while another part is reflected. Our excellent cut grade means that your precious gem exudes a high degree of both fire and brilliance, attained by its perfectly balanced and symmetrically aligned facets. Moissanite is the most brilliant gem on the market today, without a doubt.


You can verify the authenticity of your moissanite at any given time through a state-of-the-art laser inscription, only visible under 10x magnification. This laser marking contains the serial number of your gemstone and can be found on the gemstone's girdle - the band - dividing the crown and the pavilion. The inscription process is entirely non-invasive and has no impact on your moissanite's carat weight, clarity, color, or brilliance.


Each one of our conflict-free gems is ethically sourced and eco-friendly. Our gemstones do not finance rebel movements and our modern laboratory facilities follow international environmental, labor, and trade standards. Our core objective is to maintain an ethical and sustainable business while improving the communities affected by diamond mining. We are focused on and passionate about making responsible decisions that embody our brand's morality and environmental consciousness.


Despite every effort to accurately depict our gemstones' colors, actual colors may vary due to your monitor settings, graphics card, browser settings, etc. Therefore, by purchasing from us, you acknowledge that there may be variations between the actual color and the representation on our website.


Our warranty means confidence when buying moissanite online. Our IceMoissanite gemstones are always inspected before shipment to meet the strictest quality standards. Our limited lifetime warranty ensures that your gemstones maintain their brilliance and fire. Rest assured, your moissanite is always protected against unexpected changes in color, clarity, or brilliance. Your one-of-a-kind gem will remain uniquely stunning for centuries to come.

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